West Papua: Fatal Shooting at UN Indigenous People Day in Wamena

Media alert
West Papua:  Fatal Shooting at UN Indigenous People Day in Wamena

Saturday 9 August 2008

Reports from Wamena this afternoon state that there has been a fatal shooting at an event to celebrate UN Indigenous Peoples Day.  Reports say that rally event involves 20,000 local people.

The man who was shot is identified as Mr Opinus Tabuni, age 35.   Mr Tabuni is said to have been shot in chest and killed after Indonesian security forces fired into the crowd at about 3.45 pm today.
Mr Tabuni is said to have been an organiser for the Tribal Council in the Wamena region (Lapago) and appears to have been coordianting the event.

The demonstrators have raised four flags.  These are the United Nations flag, the Indonesian flag, the West Papuan Morning Star flag and the SOS emergency flag.

The demonstrators are said to be refusing to move from the site of the demonstration until there is now International intervention to mediate between the Indonesian Government and the indigenous people of  West Papua.

Paula Makabory, representing Institute for Papuan Advocacy & Human Rights said today, “There has been a peaceful event today to celebrate UN Indigenous Peoples Day involving 20,000 people.  The Indonesian security forces wanted to clear the people from the rally after they raised the four flags.  They have shot into the crowd without provocation and killed one of the organisers from the Tribal Council.”

“This is clearly an act of state repression of the Indigenous people and is an attempt to stop any free expression either political or cultural.”

For further information about the demonstration is available from contacts in Wamena.
–   Markus  Haluk,  Lapago Tribal Council member, +62 852 44442502

–  Agus Alua,  Chairman, Papuan Peoples Assembly (MRP)  +62 816 43333084


Paula Makabory,  Institute for Papuan Advocacy & Human Rights on  +61 402547517  in Australia.

Matthew Jamieson
Institute for Papuan Advocacy & Human Rights
PO Box 1805, Byron Bay NSW 2481 Australia
matthew@hr.minihub.org <mailto:matthew@hr.minihub.org>
tel +61(0) 418291998

SPMNews reporting from Wamena.4 am 10/8/08 from Reg West Papua list

Yesterday, there was a celebration of the World Indigenous Day, and the
Morning Star Flag was hoisted along with the flags of the UN, Indonesia’s
red-and-white and Papua’s Morning Star.

Three flags symbolises three entities, first the UN, to indicate that
indigenous peoples of West Papua are part of the global community, and
secondly, the red-and-white indicate the existence of Indonesian
nation-state within Papua soil, and the MOrning Star symbolises the
existence of indigenous Papuans. The Morning Star Flag was also
acknolowledged within the Special autonomy Law No. 21/2001 as the symbol
of ethnic entity of the Melanesian race in West Papua. However, police
troops came by force, fully equipped with guns and attacked the people who
were hoisting the flag and shot dead one of them.

The police said they wera shooting as a warning shot to the sky. But they
didn’t. They did shot to the people (Crowd) nearby the flags.

We know that finally, Indonesia will raise the ranks of those police
killers, as heroes of the Indonesian nation-state, disregarding the rights
of the Papuans to live as an entity in our own lands.

The killing have caused panic and the situation in Wamena right now is
horrifying. We cannot write longer emails, as all internet cafes are
closed, no connection available here.

SPMNews reporting per telephone from Wamena.


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